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Welcome to Sore No More Chiropractic, your destination for holistic health in Seven Hills. We're excited to bring our specialised chiropractic services to Seven Hills, filling a vital gap in local healthcare. 

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we offer a variety of complementary services to cater to your specific needs. These include dry needling, cupping therapy, soft tissue release, taping techniques, and thorough postural assessments. These treatments are designed to enhance the effectiveness of chiropractic care, accelerate recovery, and prevent future injuries.

Shoulder Treatment

At Sore No More, we believe in a personalized approach to healthcare. We specialize in holistic chiropractic care that focuses on natural healing and pain management. Our experienced chiropractors work closely with each patient to develop customized treatment plans that address their unique needs and health goals. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or seeking preventative care, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve long-term wellness. Our skilled chiropractors employ gentle spinal adjustments to correct misalignments, which can alleviate a myriad of conditions including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and joint stiffness. By enhancing spinal health, chiropractic care promotes optimal nervous system function and overall well-being.​

Choosing Sore No More means choosing personalized care tailored to your unique health goals. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or looking to improve your athletic performance, our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve optimal health through holistic chiropractic treatments.
We proudly live in and serve the vibrant communities of Seven Hills, Morningside, Coorparoo, Camp Hill, Cannon Hill, and Norman Park with a comprehensive range of chiropractic services aimed at restoring your vitality and improving your quality of life. Experience the difference at Sore No More Chiropractic. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and embark on your journey towards better health and wellness. ​
Allow 30min for an initial consultation to allow for our thorough assessment. Follow up appointments are a standard 15 minutes or an extended 30minutes in duration. Standard appointments typically are treatments and adjustments. Extended appointments tend of be injury based and include services such as dry needling, taping, soft tissue treatments, stretching or if it is required. Your Chiropractor will discuss with you the most appropriate follow up appointment length for you.
Neck Treatment

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