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At Sore No More we care for your wellbeing.

If you cannot find an appropriate appointment for you online, please email us at or text at 0401092923

There are a wide range of massage treatments available, you can find a brief description below to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs. Please note that the specialty massages below are not offered by all therapists, so if you are booking online make sure you select the correct treatment type. If you aren't too sure which one you should book, please give us a call or send us an email so we can assist you.

The services we provide have different benefits and we are confident you will find one that suits your needs through the different stages of your life. We will discuss your needs at every appointment to ensure the most appropriate treatment is provided and customised to suit your needs. We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals in the best possible way.


*Prices can be found at the bottom of this page.

Classic Massage
Remedial Massage


Remedial massage involves assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction which causes pain, discomfort or restricted range of motion.  Whilst speeding up the recovery process, it is also effective for treating injuries, muscular aches and pains including DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness).


We recommend a 60 min  booking for your initial consultation in order to allow for a thorough assessment.  Follow up appointment will include some re-assessment before treatment.

Relaxation Massage


A light to medium pressure massage that will help you relax and unwind from the everyday hustle and bustle.  Treat yourself to a head to toe massage which will soothe you body and mind, transporting to a tranquil state of relaxation.


Sports (Remedial) Massage


Whether you consider yourself a serious athlete, someone who enjoys social games of sport, or someone who enjoys an active approach to health and fitness, this style of massage can help you stay on top of your game, by maintaining the body in optimal condition and help recover from workouts/injuries.


Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage is a gentle and nurturing way to alleviate discomfort associated with the changes and challenges that pregnancy may bring.  This massage is a wonderful way for you to relax, increase you energy levels and relieve many of the aches and pains that you may experience as you body changes, promoting health and wellbeing for you and your baby.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Manual lymphatic drainage is designed to activate and encourage the natural flow of the lymphatic system. Sometimes the lymphatic system needs a helping hand through massage as sedentary lifestyles, diet, lack of water intake, surgery, illness or injury can overwhelm it.


Compassionate/Oncology Massage


Compassionate/Oncology massage is a gentle, light touch, full hand contract massage, suitable for those facing life challenging illness such as cancer, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, MS and chronic diseases.  This type of massage can safely be given to  people  at all stages of cancer and treatment and the massage is adjusted to the client’s needs on the day.  Scientific studies had shown that compassionate/oncology massage may reduce pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, depression and promote relaxation.  Positive outcomes include improvements in sleep, energy levels, peripheral neuropath (pins and needles in feet), the health of scar tissue, range of motion, quality of life, mental clarity and alertness.  Robyn has been working with clients who have experienced depression, anxiety and PTSD.


Add Ons


Cupping is used as a myofascial release and is effective in releasing tight muscles, fascia and soft tissue.  Our therapist may suggest cupping as a tool during the massage if they believe it is beneficial for your individual needs.


Dry Needling


Dry needling can be used as part of your remedial treatment to help loosen up those ’tight knots’.  Very fine needles are inserted directly into the trigger point (’tight knot’) and helps it release.  The needles used are the same as those used for acupuncture, but the principles are very different and the two should not be confused.  Dry needling has an additional cost  of $12.

Massage Prices

30 mins  $65

45 mins  $85

60 mins  $100

90 mins  $150



Gift Vouchers


If you have a valid gift voucher, please email us at with your contact details and the voucher reference number.  You can also text Robyn on 0401092923 for further information or if you don’t see a time that suits.

Cancellation Policy


Our Cancellation policy has been implemented out of mutual respect to both our clients and therapists. As a clinic, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a private and personal environment which results in popular, structured bookings.


At Sore No More, we appreciate ample notice of cancellations due to our waiting list, which is designed to give clients the opportunity to make an appointment if another client cancels. To enable us enough time to contact another client on the waiting list, 24 hours notice is required. If less than 24 hours notice is given, and the appointment time cannot be allocated to another client, a $60 cancellation fee will be applied. Failure to attend an appointment completely, will incur a $ 60 no show fee to compensate our therapist's time and inability to fill that booking. If your appointment time is compromised by a late arrival we will endeavour to prioritise with you what needs treated most, however, you will be charged for the original time allocated. Cancellations due to circumstances beyond your control (ex: inclement weather, family emergencies, etc.) will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 


We appreciate and thank you for your consideration.

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